Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!


You know when you blink and then when you open your eyes again an entire season has passed? That’s how I feel… summer was full of fun and sun (and smoky skies) and bugs and conferences and camp visits and more bugs and then some more fun.

I had the opportunity to visit Arizona for a bug educator’s conference (yes, there is such a thing) where I met people from around North America who have the same passion for sharing arthropods as I do, and we had a fabulous time swapping ideas and experiences. I also acquired a new little friend down there…ever heard of a vinegaroon? Book a program and you can meet one up close…just sayin…

I also delivered programs at many different day camp venues which just goes to show that thirst for learning is not limited to the classroom setting. The kids were so very excited to not only hear my stories and facts about bugs, but also to share their stories about the cool critters in their backyard with me. To listen to the kids, you’d think Calgary is overrun with ladybugs and bees! (Well there’s worse things.)

And now we head into the new school year! I have more classroom ideas buzzing around in my head than I can possibly put together but you’d better believe I’ll try. First, a Hallowe’en display needs to be made. Apparently some people think tarantulas are scary…weird. Anyway be on the lookout for Lady Buggy at a special event near you! Boo!

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