In-Person Programs:
Schools, Homeschools, and Private Events

The program “Bug Bonanza” costs $235.

The program “Bug Basics” costs $145.

A multiple booking discount is available; subsequent programs booked on the same day at the same location are 10% off.

A deposit of 50% is required as soon as possible after your booking in order to reserve your date and time. The balance is due on the day of program delivery.

If you cancel your booking with at least two weeks notice, your deposit will be returned to you. If you cancel with less than two weeks notice, your deposit is forfeited. The only exception is if you must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances such as a snowstorm or other emergency. In this case, you may either ask to have your deposit returned to you or rebook within two weeks after the cancellation.

If we must cancel a program due to illness or unforeseen circumstances,  you can either re-book or cancel with no penalty.

Virtual Programs

A one hour virtual program costs $85.

Rent a Pet Isopod Kits

FOR SCHOOLS: A one month rental costs just $45. This must be paid at least two weeks before delivery to reserve the kit, and is not refundable after this point.

Kits can be picked up and dropped off in McKenzie Towne in SE Calgary. Delivery service is available for an additional $20 within Calgary and Okotoks, or $30 outside this area.

FOR HOMESCHOOLS: A two week rental costs $30. Delivery service is available for an additional $30.

FOR EVERYONE: If any supplies are lost or damaged, replacement fees are as follows:
-$20 per book.
-$10 for each non-book item.
-Zebra isopods are very hardy and easy to care for, so their death is highly unlikely. (You’d pretty much have to kill them deliberately.) In the unlikely event of colony death, the fee is $50.