Lady Buggy came well prepared for my group of preschoolers, ages 4-6 years of age. She came with a huge assortment of live creatures, that we viewed through handheld microscopes, in her hands, and in their own environment. She was engaging and educating for their age level, and held their attention using a variety of teaching methods. The effects of this program were long lasting, as the children often spoke about how helpful spiders were long after this class was over, and would stop and inspect insects more carefully when outside. I can’t wait to have her come again!

C. Parker, Playtography, Calgary

We had the best in class field trip with Lady Buggy! Georgia was so good with the children as she showed and taught them about each of the various bugs. The presentation was hands on and interactive and the students were so engaged, it was definitely a highlight of their preschool year! Thank you so much Lady Buggy for coming in and sharing, we will be making this a new yearly tradition in our preschool.


A. Beazer, Mahogany Preschool, Calgary