When Lady Buggy came to our Grade 4 classroom to share their knowledge and presentation on Spiders and Bats, I was thrilled with the outcome! These ladies had an amazing passion for sharing how Spiders and Bats are so important to our world. Their energy and enthusiasm hooked the students in right away! The information shared was highly interesting, right at their level, and the material was delivered in an interactive, fun manner, with student dressing up as the creatures while they learned about the body parts and experienced these critters special adaptations. The hands on materials including microscopes and slides, books, models, and costumes were fascinating and made learning about spiders and bats intriguing for the students. A highlight was having live critters in our classroom and being able to hold and overcome fears with these creatures! Students learned how delicate these creatures were and how we are actually more harmful to them than they are to us! Integrating Language Arts into the presentation was wonderful, as the students reviewed our story writing format and were part of creating a short skit, which they performed for our grade 1 buddies! This was a most memorable cross-curricular experience and the students are still talking about what they learned with Lady Buggy.

S. Gustavson, St Mary’s School, Okotoks

Lady Buggy came out to our preschool and kindergarten class and gave the most wonderful presentation about bugs and their importance within the ecosystem. The presentation was perfectly aimed at the 3-6 year age range, was expertly presented, used hands on interaction, puppets, microscopes, live specimens. To accompany the verbal presentation the children were able to hold/touch a variety of bugs and the presentation kept the children engaged from beginning to end. It was educational and fun. Highly recommended!

H. Carter, Cochrane Valley Montessori, Cochrane