Program Details

We currently offer two program options plus the possibility of customization.

Length: 1.5 hours. Suitable for K-3. Cost: $200.

This highly interactive program can be extended to two hours at no extra charge if your schedule allows. This will allow for even more in-depth learning and more time for questions. It features the following five learning stations:

Introduction/station one: “Welcome to Bug Bonanza!”
A student is transformed, one buggy body part at a time, by a custom-made costume which illustrates the anatomy of insects while we lead a discussion on basic insect body parts and their functions. The class will then divide into smaller groups to rotate through stations two, three, and four.
Station two: “I Sense You’re Bugging Me” Students will understand more about bug senses and their role in the environment by playing a pollination game where they search for secret flower messages with UV light flashlights, then exploring tables set up with hands-on learning toys and props such as compound-eye glasses.
Station three: “It’s Just a Stage” Students will be able to identify the life cycles of various bugs through models, LCD screen microscopes for examining real specimens, and other engaging equipment and materials.
Station four: “Friendly Creepy Crawlies” This station will be set up with a display of various live bugs such as tarantulas, centipedes, isopods, and others. (Species may vary.) Students will sit in a circle and have the opportunity to handle a few of them and ask questions.
Station five: “Wrap It Up Spider Style” The small groups will join together again for a conclusion where we discuss the differences between insects, arachnids, and other types of bugs. We’ll play some games that illustrate spider hunting techniques, then end with questions and answers.


Length: 1 hour. Suitable for all grades. Cost: $125

This is an inquiry-based program, structured as a question-and-answer discussion. We can customize the topic based on your students’ needs and interests. We will set up a display of various live bugs such as tarantulas, centipedes, and isopods (species may vary) and the students will have the opportunity to handle a few of them.



Language arts unit about spiders? L & L class focusing on ecosystems? Preschoolers who are just really into bugs? Arthropods can fit in just about anywhere to enrich learning and liven up the classroom. Let’s have a conversation and design a program based around your learning goals and interests.