Philosophy and Mission Statement

At Lady Buggy, we love the natural world and want to learn about it and protect it. Our aim is to ignite that same passion in young people; we hope to instill an excitement about nature discoveries as well as an abiding respect for our world and all its inhabitants, even the “creepy” ones.

We believe that the best way to develop respect for something is to get to know it–so we work hard to help people overcome prejudices they may have about large “scary” bugs. By giving children the opportunity to hold and “make friends” with bugs, we hope to encourage compassion for all living things.

We recognize that some people are uneasy about holding big bugs such as tarantulas. While we will encourage people to overcome their fears, we will never force anyone to do anything that they are deeply uncomfortable with. All of our animal handling is done with an attitude of respect towards both the animal and the person.

Mission Statement

At Lady Buggy, we love three things: children, learning about the natural world, and bugs. We aim to foster in people, especially young people, excitement for science as well as respect and compassion for all living things, particularly the “creepy” ones. We do this by delivering unforgettable science enrichment programs to Calgary area schools and other organizations which always include fun, highly interactive, curriculum-linked educational activities plus the unique opportunity to meet and handle live, charismatic arthropods such as tarantulas or giant millipedes.